New Life Fellowship Cambodia

Who We Are

New Life Fellowship Phnom Penh is not a political organization, nor a government organization, nor a business. New Life Fellowship is a Christian based and humanitarian organization.

About Us

Our Background New Life Fellowship (NLF) was founded in 1994 as a response to the urgent need to rebuild the war-torn nation of Cambodia and to equip Cambodians to have a hope-filled future. New Life’s track record has been one of a catalyst for genuine life transformation, stewardship of God-given opportunities and resources, intentionality in maintaining focus on what will have utmost eternal impact as well as being a generous resource center and model for the larger Body of Christ in Cambodia. NLF has now broadened its reach encompassing around 300 churces across Cambodia under the umbrella name of New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia (NLFOCC). New Life Fellowship has been recognized not only by the Cambodian government, but also by both Christian and secular groups in Cambodia and abroad as having a profound grassroots impact on Cambodian society. Over 20,000 people have been ministered through New Life Fellowship’s and New Life Foundation’s various initiatives since its inception in 1994. The vision and opportunities provided by New Life continues to be of utmost relevance to the needs of the Cambodian people.

Lead Pastor

Pastor Samdy Leang was born in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. He decided to move to the capital city, Phnom Penh, in search of a better education and a brighter future. In 1998, he became a believer. He has been happily married to his wife Navy Ouk since 2005 and they have two sons Benedict, who was born in 2009, and Rithipong who was born in 2020, and a daughter Monique, who was born in 2014. In 2006, they both were asked to join in 15 provinces. the senior leadership team of New Life Fellowship of churches across the country. In 2016, Pastor Samdy was made an executive pastor in the church. Early in 2019, the Senior Leadership Team asked Pastor Samdy to be an interim Lead Pastor in New Life Fellowship. In 2020, he was appointed to be the Lead Pastor of New Life Fellowship Cambodia, church of over 2,000 members, and overseeing New Life Fellowship of Churches Cambodia which includes 300 congregations in 15 provinces.

Our Story

New Life Fellowship was planted by Eric Dooley, a missionary in 1994 and handed over to Pastor Chuck McCaul in 1997. In 1999, when the war in Cambodia ended, no evangelistic activities were encouraged outside the city of Phnom Penh. NLF in Phnom Penh initially grew through students and younger Cambodians. Many of the current leaders at the church are from this original movement. Pastor Jesse McCaul succeeded his father as Senior Pastor for the Phnom Penh church in 2004. NLF is now embarking on a new and very exciting journey with Pastor Samdy Leang as the Senior Pastor of New Life Fellowship Cambodia (NLF Cambodia).

Our Vision

To plant a New Testament Church in Phnom Penh which will have a positive influence on every sector of Cambodian society: religion, education, politics, social relationships, business, sports, and communications and will be a model and resource center for planting churches in every province of Cambodia with the same philosophy and foundation and to send Cambodians as missionaries to other countries.

Our Beliefs

We follow King David's pattern of worship - we dance, shout, kneel, bow, and express our worship through our emotions. We place a high value on the presence of God in the church worship experience as we build a throne for Jesus Christ to dwell on and we create an atmosphere for Him to do what He pleases among us.